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Step 1:
Wiggle the wand left to right at the base of lashes. It's the mascara placed near the roots -- not the tips -- that gives the illusion of length.


Step 2:
Pull the wand up and through lashes, wiggling as you go. The wiggling part is key because it separates lashes.


Step 3:
In this final step (which I always skip), close the eye and place the mascara wand on top of lashes at the base and pull through to remove any clumps.


Natural Acids And Antioxidants In Fruit And Yogurt Will Nourish And Lightly Exfoliate Your Skin. 



Eating only one cup of broccoli provides 200 % of the daily vitamin C as well as K recommendations and also 50% of the vitamin A.

These types of nutrients help in order to regenerate cells and give you protection against oxidative damage which ages the skin.
Broccoli extract does not absorb UV radiation and keep it from getting into the skin like sunscreens.
Broccoli extract could be better protection against skin cancer than sunscreen, scientists claimed


100% necessary no matter how great your natural eyelashes are. Mascara makes your eyes pop & helps you look put-together.


Lip gloss or lip balm
Because dry lips are never cute. So always use lip gloss.

Covers everything, looks completely natural, and is easy to use.

Covering those
spots and looking radiant
Applying Compact Powder

    Have you ever wondered why your face looks like an oilcake in summers, while some of your colleagues always end up looking fresh? The answer is very simple - it is all the magic of a compact! One of the basic makeup tools, compact helps give a non-oily and shiny look to your face throughout the day. In elaborate make up procedure, it is used after the application of foundation, to give your face a smoothlook. Now, you know the reason behind that perfect, finesse look.

    All you have to do is learn the nuances of applying compact. Just follow the instructions given below and learn how to master that flawless look.

    Choose A Good Shade of Compact Powder It is extremely important to look for the right kind of Compaq powder. With proper shade, your pale skin will not look dull and yellowish. Blue Heaven has several shades that is available. You can try out the shade that suits you and apply it while going out. It is better to look for the Compact, which comes with SPF. This willprotect your skin from getting tanned whenever you go out. Use the foundation or makeuppowder that can match your skin


•The basic thing that you need to know about the application of compact is that it takes place after the use of foundation and concealer.

•You also need to remember that compact is applied beforethe use of blush-on, lip makeup and eye makeup.

•Before using compact, release the powder into the top section of the container by tipping the container and gently tapping the bottom.

•For application, take a large fluffy brush or a powder puff and wipe it over the compact powder. Shake the puff to remove any excess powder.

•Now, wipe your face with the compact puff in long, even strokes. The strokes should be moved from the inside, to the outside.

•Make sure to apply compact evenly over your neck as well as the entire area beneath the neck that is visible. Otherwise, your face will endup looking distinct from the rest of the body.

•Using a facial tissue, lightly wipe your face. This is mainly done to make sure that you do not have excess powder over your face.

•Keep the compact with you throughout the day. You can use it to touch up your makeup, remove any excess oil from your face and look fresh.

Tips •It is very important to match the color of the compact to your skin color. In case you get one that is darker or lighter than your skin tone, your face and neck would look like distant cousins of your body.

•At the time of applying the compact, make sure you apply it all over your face and neck region. Do not make haste during the applicationprocess.


    •Pancake makeup has a very matte finish. Blushes and bronzers with atouch of shimmer will help liven up your look.

    •Touch-ups on the go are virtually impossible. If you will be wearing your makeup for longer than 4 hours, carry oil blotting sheets to absorb facial oils and refresh your look.

    •Pancake makeup is perfect for extreme lighting conditions. In ultra-high lighting situations like camera flash, pancake makeup can keep your complexion for "washing out." In low-light situation, pancake makeup can give your face a beautiful, flawless finish.

    •Pancake makeup is not suitable for daytime, outdoor or casual wear. It is also a poor choice for hot or humid environments.

    •Pancake makeup is very heavy and can be uncomfortable when worn for a prolonged period of time.

    •Pancake makeup can clog pores and cause breakouts. Use it only on special occasions when you will be photographed, filmed, on stage or during evening events where light levels are likely to be low


Different Types of
Compact Powder
Before plunging on to how to apply compact, you should know that there are basically two types of compact powder, to suit the different needs. The first type of compact is the loose powder. The best feature about the loose powder is that it lends the face a natural look and can be applied easily. Loose powder is preferred over the other type, as it gives the skin a flawless effect. The other type of compact is the pressed powder. This type of compact is ideal for people who are always on the go. It gives the skin a matte finish and is easily portable. In case you have stubborn skin that demands touch ups throughout the day, go for pressed powder.

Applying Pancake


Selecting your shade is the first and most important step to correctly applying pancake makeup. If you are trying to hide mild to moderate  discoloration or just want to avoid having your complexion "washed out" by camera flash, then you will only need one shade of pancake makeup. This shade should match your skin as accurately as possible. Pancake makeup should be tested in person at the cosmetics counter. Do not wear any makeup when testing cosmetics or your results will not be accurate. The sales girl should be able to provide you with a makeup sample and a clean, damp cosmetic sponge. Apply several shades to your jaw line to determine which is the closest match. Do not test makeup on your arm or hand as this will not provide accurate results. If you have to cover severe discoloration, hair stubble or tattoos, then you will need to purchase an additional shade of pancake makeup that is one shade lighter than your skin tone




    Prepare your makeup and skin for application. Pancake makeup is water activated. This means that it must be dampened to work well. A very light spritz of water in the foundation pan will help prepare the makeup. You should also dampen your cosmetic sponge wedges by dipping them in water and squeezing out all the excess. Your skin should also be well hydrated. While your pancake makeup is absorbing water, take the time to wash your face with a gentle exfoliating cleanser. Once your face is clean, softly pat it dry and apply a light moisturizer. A moisturized face will allow for the best streak-free coverage. Do not be rough with your face during this process; pancake makeup is not gentle on the skin, so the less irritation your skin undergoes, the better


    Apply the pancake makeup in layers. If you are covering severe skin discoloration, hair stubble or tattoos, begin with the lighter shade of foundation. Lightly tap the damp cosmetic sponge into the makeup cake until there is sufficient color on the sponge. Dab the foundation over the dark areas, carefully blending with swift, light, upward strokes until the dark areas are covered. With a clean, damp, cosmetic wedge follow the same process with your skin-tone-matching makeup. Begin in the center of the forehead and use light, quick, upward strokes in a starburst pattern to cover the forehead. For the nose downward, swipes should be followed by upward swipes for total coverage. The eyes are best serviced by lightly daubing the makeup over the lid and under the brow. The cheeks should be covered in the same manner as the forehead. Make sure that the hair and jaw lines are thoroughly blended. While the entire face should be well blended, poor blending of t



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